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Brad and the team have been re-Blocking across the Mornington Peninsula for over 20 years. You’ll Be Stumped is fully insured and accredited with the VBA

Re-Blocking & Re-Stumping

As you can probably imagine, the process of Re-stumping/re-blocking a home is a highly skilled task. Absolute care must be taken throughout to ensure the building remains structurally solid at all times.

After preparing the site, we carefully lift the house using powerful jacks. Once the house is secure, we begin the task of removing the existing wooden stumps. Using laser levelling the home is re-levelled and only when we are satisfied that the floor is now level, do we replace those old stumps with new concrete or steel stumps.

Safety is paramount both before and after re-stumping a home, which is why you should always choose a Master Builder for this delicate task. We do not use Sub-contractors and guarantee our workmanship for 10 Years.

Wooden Stumps for Mount Martha Home
Large House Jack
Relevel House stumping
re-blocking Mornington
Steel Restump Mornington
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Foundations & Repairs

In addition to replacing those old rotten stumps, with new Wood, concrete or steel, we also secure foundations. Where foundations are aged or poorly installed, we can apply Bracing alongside Bearer and Joist replacements. The use of Lift Packs level your home , stabilising it for the future.


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